Edusupport App for Virtual Classroom
By Dovemax Consulting

Are you ready to go DIGITAL with the Paperless Classroom? Edusupport App is designed to take schools and classrooms beyond boundaries, and it is important to start learning about the 21st century Virtual Classroom.
It is our responsibility as teachers to learn and become fluent with the new ways of teaching and learning. You may be wondering, “Where do I start? or if you are an expert.” With Edusupport App, you don’t need to worry.
What are some items you will need?
Smartphone or Tablet with internet. I would also suggest headphones for students participating in Spelling Bee.
There are many young ones around us with technology proficiency to help with getting set up and started, though the App is simple to navigate.
How do I get started with Edusupport App?
The first thing to do is to download the App from Google Play Store and create an Account as a Teacher Admin. To create an account is absolutely free!
After creating your Account, you log in to create a Classroom. The class name should be the title of the class. Please note that creating additional Classes attracts a little token to give you the maximum benefits.
Teachers Invitation
You can invite teacher(s) to join the Class(es) created by forwarding to such teacher the “Teacher Code” generated automatically by the system.
Adding Students
The Admin Teacher or the Class Teacher can add the students to their class, or the students can start to join using the computer generated Class Code which will be forwarded to them by their teachers because the App will prompt them for a class code.
Global Users.
Access to global Quiz and Spelling Bee by Students without belonging to any class.

The EduSupport App also include educational games that will motivate user engagement.

What should I expect with the Edusupport App?
Freedom is a Choice.
With Edusupport App on your Smartphone, you can set Questions on Quiz, Spelling Bee or Essay Writing as Teacher, Any Time, Any Where for your Students.
As a Student, you can answer your teachers’ questions on Quiz, Spelling Bee or Write the Essay anywhere, anytime.
With Edusupport App, you see your results immediately on your Smartphone.

Welcome to Paperless Classroom journey!



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