So many people don’t follow a dream, or try to turn an idea into a product, because of a paralyzing fear. Entrepreneurship takes risk. Risk often leads to losses — financial, emotional, spiritual. Failure is not only a possibility; it is a probability.

But there is joy, and education, in trying. Just attempting something new adds value to your life.


I’ve argued that all entrepreneurship is “social” entrepreneurship because building a business has two main effects: solving a problem for a customer with a need, and giving someone else a job. When you hire employees, you change their lives, and you benefit from their talent and their time. If you hire well, you bring into your community people with experiences, backgrounds and skillsets that complement, rather than copy, your own. If you hire poorly, great things can’t happen.



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Get crazy. If your topic is coffee makers, try talking about “filtering” out life’s distractions.




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